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​The RAQ: Benefits & Features

Every row of The Raq begins with a start bracket kit. Each kit comes with the bracket, panel clamps and a variety of sizes of spacers to turn clamps into "End Clamps." Adjustability of the clamp allows for virtually every panel on the market.

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UL Listed

Engineering &
3rd Party Testing

An example of a residential roof

Residential Rooftop

This page lists the Worldwide Patents for The RAQ

Worldwide Patents

An example of Top of Pole and Ground Mounts

Ground Mounts

This pages shows even a novice of how to install The RAQ

Installation Videos & Details

An example of a commercial rooftop

Full Library of Spec Sheets

This page delineates the steps for one to become a Distributor of The RAQ

Become a Distributor

The RAQ: Nuts and Bolts

Image of steel
Image of Powder Coating


Our standard 3-panel solar panel rack can be produced at a rate of 3 per minute.  The RAQ has various solar panel mounts for your convenience. Meaning, we can fill any size order and any configuration without shortages or delays.


We offer a black Powder Coating on all of our parts, which comes standard.  We also offer a Z.A.M. finish, which is an optional upgrade.  

Solar Panel Mounts

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