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The RAQ: Advantages


The RAQ /rak/ noun: The Pre-Assembled, Self Squaring, Simple, Fast and Cost Effective Solar Panel Racking System - In A Box!

The RAQ is stronger
1. Undisputed Facts (reasons why we are better):

  1. Tested: 76% faster + save 7.5 cents per watt.

  2. UL Approved: No WEEBS.

  3. 160 mph wind load, with additional anchor kit - 190 mph.

  4. 90 lbs. snow load, with additional anchor kit - 120 lbs.

  5. Mechanical flashings. No caulk or adhesives.

The RAQ is faster
2. Why the professional installers love it:

  1. All nuts are 1/2" (same size).

  2. All nuts are self-locking.

  3. Components are pre-assembled.

  4. No lost parts in trucks, gutters, front yards.

  5. Automatic Locked Squaring and Self Aligning.

  6. Reduce crew training by 50% or more.

  7. Reduce layout time by 80% or more.

  8. Allows visual confirmation of squaring.

The RAQ is better
3. Why Management loves it:


  1. No kitting required.

  2. Simple loading of delivery trucks.

  3. Reduce inventory requirements, by as much as 80%.

  4. No theft or waste of aluminum.

  5. Universal to the majority of solar panels.

Solar Panel Mounts

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