The RAQ: Latest News

August 2017
The RAQ, LLC along with Pristine Sun has broken ground on a 1 Megawatt ground mount solar farm in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  It is an old landfill, with a new purpose...called:
Sky Park Community Solar Garden
January 2016
The First to Offer One-Pick Packaging . . . on a Pallet!
The RAQ is pleased to present "One-Pick" packing.  Each RAQ comes with an attached box that has everything you need for solar panel installation.  This includes The RAQ kit, lag bolts, flashings, grounding lug, wire management zip ties, inverter bracket bolts. . . Everything!
April 2015
We are pleased to announce The RAQ will now be available at McNaughton-McKay Electrical Company.  They have 23 locations in five states.
The RAQ is now an official member of the
Solar Energy Industry Association.

April 2015

The RAQ is please to announce it has been chosen as an Affiliated Distributors (AD) supplier of solar racking.  Members of AD are represented in Central and North America and have annual sales of over $14 billion.  The RAQ will now be available through AD Electrical Suppliers.  Below is a static map of AD independant electrical distributors in the United States.

Solar Panel Mounts